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AutobroilTM Conveyor Broilers

AutobroilTM Model FR1212BG shown

Tired of serving your customers over or under cooked products? You’ve come to the right place – Marshall’s Autobroil conveyor broilers will cook your food perfectly, everytime!

Where do you start? If you know the volume of food that needs to be produced per hour, the chart below will help get you to a starting point. If not, that’s okay, we invite you to click on a few different models, download the specification sheet and see what looks best for your needs.



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These are our smallest AutobroilTM but what workhorses! Ideal for small locations they provide a small footprint yet produce the same flame broiled flavor as our larger models.

Approx. capacity: 150 frozen 4 oz. hamburger patties/hour


This mid-sized AutobroilTM is great if you need a larger capacity broiler yet need a compact size. Choose from these models to meet your broiling needs.  

Approx. capacity: 240 frozen 4 oz. hamburger patties/hour


Our largest capacity AutobroilTM models will get the job done, day in and day out! Built to withstand high volume conditions yet provide you with consistently cooked product with that sought after flame broiled taste!

Approx. capacity: 510 frozen 4 oz. hamburger patties/hour


These AutobroilTM models were developed to meet specific needs ranging from thick fresh gourmet burgers to delicate seafood filets. Choose the model that allows you to broil challenging proteins, effortlessly!

Speed/cooktime varies based on model

Optional Accessories:
Choose from these selected optional accessories to make your AutobroilTM even more productive and efficient. While Marshall builds the AutobroilTM to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens, break downs do occur and usually on Friday nights! Guard against downtime by purchasing an emergency spare parts kit when you place your AutobroilTM order. Note that some options are available on limited models only – contact us for any needed assistance.


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