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AutobroilTM Conveyor Broilers

Marshall is the leading manufacturer of conveyor broilers in the world. Choose from small, medium or large sizes available in gas or electric. Independent cooking chambers and various size broiling belts give the versatility to cook a variety of proteins such as hamburgers, chicken, steak, pork, ribs and seafood just to name a few.

Choose from models with one or two broiling belts, optional integrated bun toasters and the ability to cook either directly on the conveyor or in pans. A Marshall conveyor broiler will replace your slow charbroiler and turn your commercial kitchen into a high volume facility with the ability to offer a variety of menu items automatically broiled to perfection.

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AutobroilTM Model FR1212BG shown


AutotoastTM High Speed Conveyor Toasters

Marshall's high-speed conveyor toasters produce golden sandwich buns in as little as 10 seconds and are designed specifically for fast food restaurants, sandwich shops, cafeterias, snack bars and convenience stores. Choose from a variety of models that allow you to toast with or without butter, and contact or radiant toasting styles. Choose the vertical or horizontal configurations that suit your commercial kitchen.

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AutotoastTM Model HST13 shown

Food Warmers

ThermoGloTM food warming technology, developed and manufactured exclusively by Marshall, is the state-of-the-art method for food warming. Every square inch of ThermoGloTM surface radiates gentle, uniform heat from side-to-side and end-to-end. With no bulbs, lamps or tubes to clean or break, ThermoGloTM provides superior performance and an extremely long life. Individual ThermoGloTM units are available in a variety of lengths for mounting in holding areas and pass-through windows for countertop food warming. Choose the voltage and wattage required to meet your needs. Marshall utilizes ThermoGloTM technology in a full line of heated holding cabinets which feature a variety of control options and lighting configurations. Choose from a wide variety of designs such as fry dump stations, wrapped sandwich cabinets, multi-product holding cabinets, decorative warming stations and more.

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10" x 48" ThermoGloTM warming biscuits shown


Ventilation Systems

Marshall is unique to the restaurant industry because we design, engineer and manufacture ventilation systems from top to bottom. In addition, by working directly with Marshall engineers, customers achieve a properly designed ventilation system, producing the most comfortable, energy and cost efficient commercial kitchens. This includes a full line of exhaust hoods with or without pre-engineered fire suppression systems, exhaust fans, make-up air systems, grease and smoke removal exhaust fans.

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Custom Ventilation System shown
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