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October 2015 - Robby Lucas, Bar 145 & Burgo, "I wanted to send out a quick thank you for all the southern hospitality that you showed us on our visit to Marshall Air.  Needless to say all of us were blown away with the capabilities of your product."

July 2015 - Ryan DeSimone, Blooming Brands, "Wow, a vendor that listens. We are not used to this level of attention."

May 2015 - Robert Staton, Denny's Corporate Office, "We like working with Marshall.  They listen to us and provide real solutions.  Other vendors only offer their cataloged equipment."

April 2015 - Name Withheld, Denny's Corporate Office, "If it means anything, we have several other vendors that want to work with us but none that are listening to us as you have and I have been ignoring them with their canned solutions."

March 2015 - Kevin Pope, Director Operations Services, Del Taco, Lake Forrest, CA, commented, "Marshall has been amazing to work with -- you guys listen to our needs and do that. It's the way it should be!" 

January 2015 - Sam Kreulen, Strategic Source Buyer, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Lebanon, TN, stated, "Surround yourself with heroes and you are a hero.  Marshall is a hero."

January 2015 - Preston Funkhouser, Facilities Services Project Manager, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Lebanon, TN, expressed, "Marshall's customer service department had a high level of historical information that aided in equipment retrofits and upgrades.  In many cases, this eliminated the need to visit most restaurants to measure; Marshall already knew what we had.  The follow-up and attitude of their customer service department made my job easier.  The flexibility to alter the design of Marshall-provided equipment saved installers time and money.  Their engineering department has a good understanding of the Cracker Barrel and historically."

September 2014 - Les Karel, Senior Vice President, ARCOP, Inc. (Arby's Supply Chain Cooperative), Atlanta, GA, shared, "Marshall Air has been instrumental in providing innovative solutions for many of Arby's needs.  We have approved more of Marshall Air's equipment than any other manufacturer in the last two years.  The Marshall Air team is being recognized for exceeding service expectations."

June 2014 - Drew Shervan, Principal, Shervan Colonel Equipment Corporation, reiterated his belief in our products by saying, "I love Marshall's ThermoGlos™.  I spec them in all my projects."

May 2014 - Patrick Ryan, General Manager, Dairy Queen, Gilbert, AZ expressed "This Dairy Queen is the busiest one in Arizona.  Our six-year old Marshall broiler has been a great product."

May 2014 - Bob Colin, President BCSI Commercial Kitchen Equipment Service & Parts Plus, Pocono Summit, PA, shared, "Tobyhanna Army Depot bought a broiler from Marshall, which we installed and serviced, but it never breaks down.  You make incredible equipment."

May 2014 - Randy Homer, Program Manager, Food & Beverage, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA, stated, "We at Disneyland in California are immediately switching our bun toasting equipment to Marshall as our Disney World parks in Orlando have great success with Marshall's equipment due to its durability, quality and speed."

May 2014 - Larry Jones, Vice President, Operations Integration, Captain D's, Nashville, TN, expressed, "I appreciate Marshall's collaboration and can-do-spirit.  Because of the nimbleness of and good thinkers on your team, we were able to design and test a custom cooking pan for our convention in about four hours!"

April 2014 - Preston Funkhouser, IV, Facility Services Project Manager, Cracker Barrel, stated "You are offering a very high level of service that I had not anticipated on this endeavor.  I am very appreciative and thankful to have such a strong and valuable partner in Marshall Air Systems!  Thank you!"

February 2014 - Chuck Ungerman, Owner, Chuckwagon BBQ, Belgium, commented, “I’ve used Marshall broilers for over seven years in my restaurants and they are simply the best.  I’ve only replaced two parts, which is a testament to the quality and durability of your products.”

October 2013 - Janet Duckham, Vice President, Captain D's, Nashville, TN, expressed, "The Marshall broiler is the cornerstone of D's new grilled menu platform.  Marshall's leadership, commitment and "hands on" involvement are outstanding."

September 2013 - Mike McGuigan, Owner, Ford's Garage, Fort Myers, FL, stated, "Our Marshall broiler is the staple of our restaurants."

May 2013 - Darrell Baldwin, Maintenance Director, Rosie's Restaurants, Huntsville AL, expressed, "I love Marshall equipment---it never breaks and it does everything we need and more!"

February 2013 - Robert Stowe, Chief of Facilities, Bellagio Las Vegas, commented, "Our ThermoGlos™ have worked flawlessly for over twelve years requiring no maintenance. I've never seen anything like it!"

February 2013 - Drew Shervan, Principal, Shervan Colonel Equipment Corporation, expressed "Marshall's ThermoGlo™ product is amazing! I specify it in all my projects because it outperforms the competition and never breaks down."

December 2012 - Jill Ashmore, Director Operations Systems and Equipment, Arby's, exclaimed, "Wow! Your level of service continues to impress me! Thank you so much for your support!"

July 2012 - Sammy Maw, Owner, Beacon Drive-In Restaurant, Spartanburg SC, "Product quality is paramount to our 65-year heritage, and with our high volume, we must have a reliable toaster. After 5 million buns and counting, our Marshall HST13 is still 'toasting strong', allowing our staff to run the restaurant and focus on our guests."

July 2012 - Dave Panella, Director, Design & Construction, Friendly's Ice Cream, stated the following about Marshall's broiler training, "We were very pleased with the training; the Marshall technician did a terrific job."

March 2012 - Peter Cryan, Manager, Equipment & New Technology, Arby's Restaurant Group, expressed, "We are blessed to have such a wealth of knowledge and experience working with us."

December 2011 - Lonnie Heier, Dairy Queen Franchisee, Eagle Butte SD emailed, "When I call Marshall Air for service questions I have never waited, never been put on hold, and never asked for 20 things to identify my store. I call and say Lonnie from Eagle Butte SD and instantly they know who I am. They don't stop until you have your problem fixed and questions answered. Often I even get follow up calls from them and then days later get another call just double checking if everything is still ok. Who does that anymore? Marshall Air actually sent someone out to our store (from North Carolina) to show us how to run it, clean it, and service it. They even met with our local repairman to train them on repairing the broiler if there were issues. On the service end Marshall Air is beyond top notch. They make you feel like you are important and matter to them."

December 2011 - Jayson Edwards, owner, J. Dawgs, Orem UT, regarding his first Marshall Air ventilation installation, " We opened today and we've grilled over 1400 hot dogs and still have two hours to go. Usually when I go home, I smell like smoke and am all greasy; today --- nothing. It's incredible."

September 2011 - Marco Flores, Kitchen Manager, Red Robin, Charlotte, NC stated, "The Autobroil™ is the heart of our operation."

September 2011 - Rob Finkley, Technician, GCS, while at Bar Louie, Columbus, OH expressed, "You guys are great. Your customer service is awesome."

September 2011 - Mary Randolph, Atlanta Area Director, Captain D's expressed that they are excited about getting Marshall broilers in their stores - their customers love the broiled flavor.

December 2010 - Renee Jones, General Manager, Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, Monroe, N,C expressed, "We love how  fast and consistent the Marshall broiler cooks!"

December 2010 - Sandy Ritzi, Director of Food Operations, Perfect North Slopes, purchased the company's second Marshall broiler. She expressed, "After having 18 years of great performance from the previous broiler, it only made sense to stick with Marshall; we love the broiler!"

August 2010- Miguel Sanchez, General Manager, Smart Alec's, Berkeley, CA, thanked us for going the extra mile regarding his purchase of the Autobroil™ . He expressed, "I firmly believe that it is a superior product."

April 2010- Rob and Bob Slavin, Owners, Cobies Restaurant, Brewster, MA, like how fast the Marshall broiler cooks compared to the competition.  They stated, "The broiler is easier to calibrate and the product is very consistent."

December 2009- Tom Sigworth, Owner, Dairy Queen Grill and Chill, stated, "The Marshall broiler is faster and more consistent than my flat-top griddle.  My kitchen staff is more productive and the customers like the char-broiled flavor---burger sales have gone up."

December 2009- Stan Lekakis, Owner, Smart Burger, just opened his second location. He cooks fresh burgers and loves how fast and consistent the Marshall Autobroil™ cooked. Lekakis expressed, "The cooks do not over or under cook burgers anymore. This saves time and money. I am extremely happy with the broiler". Lekakis also stated, "I love Marshall's model HST13 Autotoast™. It toasts so fast and heats both sides of the bun. I will specify this toaster for all my locations."

July 2009- Ted Iobst, Vice President, Lehigh Valley Group (Red Robin Gourmet Burgers) stated, "I like the fact that the Marshall broiler cooks faster than the competition and is more robust.  I am looking forward to utilizing Marshall's ventilation system in our next opening."

July 2009- Tom Scalese, Vice President, Operations, East Coast Wings, expressed "I am extremely pleased with Marshall's model RR5 ThermoGlo™. It holds foods longer and hotter than the competition. I plan to specify it at all locations. Marshall's VT18 Autotoast™ toasts our buttered products perfectly. I like how robust the toaster is and how easy it is to clean. I plan to spec these toasters at all our new stores."

April 2009- Larry Ejchorszt, Owner, Dairy Queen, states, "I absolutely love the Autobroil™ and Marshall.  I replaced my Nieco broiler six years ago and will never use them again."

December 2008- John Laverty, Project Manager, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants expressed, "We have begun to venture out into different building styles and Marshall has been able to adapt their ventilation and ThermoGlo™ holding units to meet our needs.  Marshall continues to be our sole supplier since 1991.  Thanks for the great service."

November 2007- Frank Inoa, Manager, Operations and Engineering, Arby's Restaurant Group, stated "Marshall is quite an innovative company and very responsive.  Our toaster is already smaller than any other on the market and yet Marshall has made it smaller for our special requirements.  Marshall's unique hood solution for the heat problem Arby's has with a newly added oven is a very cost effective and user-friendly answer to that problem.  The new holding cabinet concept we are working on together will save over three square feet in floor space and combines two pieces of equipment into one."

NRA Show 2007- Dale Conoscenti, Former Executive Chef, Steak 'n shake, expressed, "The Marshall Autotoast™ was the best of all the toasters I tested on the market. "No other brand could produce our product like the Marshall Autotoast™."










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